First rain

The summer is officially over. Today we we had the first rain in Limassol. It wasn’t anything major, just a few drops here and there, but it was good enough to be noticed. It counts. Summer was pretty short this year. Last rain was on 25 of June.

Welcome, winter, welcome. I missed rains, thunderstorms, wind, and cool weather for a long time now. Not it all will slowly start.

Update (6 Oct 2004, 22:32): Olga reminded me that today wasn’t the first rain, bur rather a second one. The first one happened on the next day my mother left Cyprus, a month ago. Well, both rains were rather minor. Today’s one was slightly bigger with some water staying on the streets for the next hour. I’ll call today’s rain the first one. At the end of the day, who said that we cannot have two first rains the same year? :)

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