Thievery, imprisonment, and Cappuccino

Today our whole family committed thievery.  We stole a tiny little kitten from its mother.  Olga had her eye on it for a month or so now.  The happy, but obviously underfed family lives in Limassol Municipal Garden. It consists of a young mother and three very differently looking kids.  And now they are only two.

Yes, we stole the kitten from its mother in the bright daylight.  We, all three of us, just walked into the park and took her away.  She wasn’t protesting much.  She didn’t know what was waiting for her.  She’s still young and naive.  She is not afraid of people.  She was just enjoying the sun and the company of her siblings.  And here we came…


Crime: none.  Sentence: life imprisonment.  We took her home.  She will stay with us forever now. Or until the unlikely act of amnesty. Or an even less likely event of escape.

We are still thinking on how to name her.  The best suggestion for now (by yours truly, of course) is Cappuccino (or Cappa for short).  Even though she looks more like a tiny cup of filtered coffee, it seems reasonable to commemorate the fact that we picked her up in close proximity of Starbucks.

In the next few days we’ll have to clean her up a bit and photograph properly.  She’s still adjusting to the new place and a total absense of her family.  But one thing she brought with her is that magnificent colony of fleas.  They are jumping up and crawling all over her, and you can see a few of them around at any moment.  One of them can even be seen on the photo above (click the image to go Flickr version, and move your mouse over to get a location hint.  Then you can see a larger version of the image for more details).  Too bad today is Saturday and most of pet shops are closed already.  We need an anti-flea neck strap, which I couldn’t find in the regular supermarket.

In the meantime, if you have any hints, or tips, or name suggestions, feel free to abuse the comments.

9 thoughts on “Thievery, imprisonment, and Cappuccino”

  1. She’s a beautiful one! :-) SuperHome Center stocks various pet stuff, perhaps they have anti-flea sprays, but it’s closed by now…

  2. 1. antiflea neck straps generally have some restriction on min. age of the pet.
    2. As of my cats, I start to think about names after they show their character. Due to change in their life let 2-4 weeks for the development of new habits. So the name is not a result of a deliberate creative contemplation, but what pops up one day as a word which sonds as synonim to the beast that fooled you up by appearance and now allows you to feed her and please her (the latter is unlikely being a substitute for the first though).
    We are thinking of a grant in terms of cat food and other necessities of human beings, as our appreciation of your miserable future and attempt to keep you from suicidal thoughts by making it clear that you are not alone on the earth against fleas.
    PS fleas are not the worst thing, you know …

  3. dimonf,

    thanks! I was thinking about the minimum age of the pet thing… the kitty looks like about 2 month old or something like this (Olga says). Is it old enough for the strap? It’s sure old enough for the fleas. :)

    Regarding the name – I’m usually in a hurry with such things, because:

    1. All things (especially living ones) should have names. Maybe that’s a programmer inside me talking.

    2. It’s better to pick up a creative name which sounds like something common, before I name it to commemorate my motherboard’s model or an ex-password or something. :)

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