RIP Steve Jobs

It doesn’t matter if you know, like or use any of the Apple products. If you are reading this, your life has been influenced by Steve Jobs.  The computer mouse that you are holding in your hand now, the computer, table, or a mobile device which you use to read this, the browser window, the fonts, the buttons, and other elements of the user interface – these are just a few things that are different today because of Steve’s work.  His contribution was huge.

I’m not going to idolize him – each and every human being has his ups and downs.  We all make mistakes and we all screw up.  But the important thing, I guess, is whether each and every one of us makes this world any better.  Steve Jobs has improved this world a lot.  And he inspired many others to do the same.  For that, I am grateful to him.  For that I respect him a lot.

Thank you, Steve.  Rest in peace.

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