Another look at Cyprus dating

I came across my post on Cyprus dating from last November.  Immediately, I wanted to see how things changed.  Here is an updated screenshot:

Cyprus dating stats [Updated]

Before:  52 men and 4 women

Now:  37 men and 15 women

What does this mean?  Well, there are a few ways to look at it.  Here are my takes:

  1. Dating got better.  The ration of men to women is approaching 1:1 – the ideal for both sides.
  2. Dating got worse.  The total number of people decreased from 56 (52+4) to 52 (37+15).
  3. These whole stats are fishy.

The first two points are rather obvious.  What’s with the third one?  I don’t know.  Somehow, I feel that a magic number – 52 – present in both takes isn’t just a coincidence.  SPAM?  Fake accounts? Inactive accounts?  There are many reasons that could have caused a drop in male profiles and growth in female ones…  I’m not going to speculate on this.  At least publicly.

Instead, I suggest we look for stats on this matter somewhere else.   Alexa traffic statistics for Cyprus suggests that is #42 in the top visited web sites.  Being a married person, I’m not much of a dating person, so I don’t know of any other dating sites in that list.  Let’s look at what they have to offer on the statistical front.

Gladly, offers a rather comprehensive listing of profiles per country.  Here is the one for Cyprus.  Quoting:

15,462 Listings in Cyprus

Men seeking Men    481 Listings
Men seeking Women    8,049 Listings

Women seeking Men    241 Listings
Women seeking Women    238 Listings

These numbers are almost scary!  The best strategy for a men seeking women here would be to sneak around through the gay-lesbian side, rather than to compete against 8000+ guys for a woman.  Whatever…

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  1. hazard_

    indeed so… I checked a few countries and the ration varies a bit, but not all that much. Men seeking women are always much much more than women seeking men. This is somewhat expected, but for me personally – not on that scale. :)

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