Late night pharmacy shock

Maxim got sick again. I’m almost used to this, as he did so at least a dozen times this year alone. The difference this time was that his ear started hurting later in the evening. We gave him some medicine, but our reserves were empty and I had to go out to find some more.

Usually, that’s not a problem. 90901415 is the phone number where they give you a list of “late night pharmacies”. All I have to do is pick the closest one.

This time, the closest one was only a couple of blocks from our place. So I drive there pretty fast. Closed. OK. That’s why they usually give residence number too – you can call up the pharmacy guy and he’ll open up in no time. So, I’m calling.

– Good evening, is this Mr.X?

– Yes. What do you want?

– I’m calling about the pharmacy.

– It’s 00:30. The pharmacy is closed!

– Yes, but they gave me your contacts in the “late night pharmacy directory”…

– Do you have a prescription?

– No, but I do have an emergency!

– I can’t open the pharmacy without prescription! … beep… beep… beep…

I never wish anybody any harm. But this was an exception. All sorts of words that I am not proud of were coming out of my mouth.

Closed locks

So, I call the automatic lady at 90901415 again, and get myself the next closest target. Drive up there – closed again. Calling the residence… No answer. Again… No answer. Again… No answer. Those words that I weren’t proud of… Again they are coming out of my mouth…

The third pharmacy on the list was way too far. I drove back home with an intention of taking Maxim to the doctor for the prescription. Gladly, I found out that his pains calmed down a bit and he was asleep.

Today morning, when we visiting the doctor, I asked him if pharmacies should be working 24×7 or if they are indeed “late night pharmacies”. He said that they should be open all night, but that “they always find excuses”. And that “even with prescriptions they often don’t open”.

Although I am a frequent user of late night pharmacies, I was surprised to get into this situation. And I was double surprised to find two pharmacies like this being “on duty” at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Late night pharmacy shock”

  1. Yep, “late night pharmacy” means “closed after 11pm”. In cases of an emergency your best bet is to go to something like Ygia polyclinic and the on-duty doctor should be able to do something.

  2. hazard_

    I was able to get our pediatrician on the phone, and he recommended a course of action. We were just missing a couple of things which I could have easily got from the pharmacy. If it was open that is…

  3. Zinaida,

    hmm…. let me think… I guess… nothing. Talking to the pediatrician about it and blogging seems like enough for now. Oh, and I sure won’t shop in those two pharmacies anymore (I used to use one of them very often). But other than that – nothing.

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