Jin Chao restaurant surprise

My sister-in-law’s family is leaving on Sunday, so we decided to have a farewell session today in one of the many Limassol restaurants. There was a leap towards Chinese cuisine among the few of us, so we opted for Jin Chao restaurant.

Olga and I discovered Jin Chao a bit more than a year ago. But we were only using the delivery option. Today we decided to try it out inside out.

To tell you the truth, I was surprised. Positevely surprised that is. I’ve been to many Chinese restaurants – some as simple as an empty room, others as decorated as a palace. Jin Chao is somewhere there in the middle. There is simplicity, and some minor works are not yet finished, but overall it looks great. Both inside and outside.

One of the outstanding points is furniture. It has some really classy old-fashioned furniture. It looks expensive and feels comfortable and solid. Chairs, tables, and there is also this nice woden curtain, which separates tables, but still leaves the feeling of a large room. You know there are other people at the next table, but you don’t see them at all.

The service is excellent too. We’ve been served by two waiters, and both of them were extra pleasing – kind, smiling, and always nearby.

The food was as good as usual. Of course, it tasted somewhat better from a real plate, than being served from plastic container used for delivery.

If you’re looking for a nice Chinese place to eat at, or to call for a delivery order, give Jin Chao a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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