I promised you movies – I give you movies.

I know that this doens’t go very well with my recent connectivty degradation, but I though I would post this anyway, as I promised it for a while now.

I have setup added a special album called ‘Movies‘ to the gallery. It has the same organization like my photo albums, but instead of photographs it has a number of moving pictures. These are mostly unedited and “unbeautified” pieces that were shot on different occasions. These clips mostly hold value to Olga and me and to Maxim when he will grow up. Some of this clips are rather heavy traffic-wise, so you might think twice before watching them.

Also, please don’t ask me how you can see them on Windows or Mac – I have no idea. They all play just fine on Linux. If it helps, most of them were encoding with ffmpeg. Google will help you if you have a problem.

I have uploaded all the clips that I had minus some really really bad ones – content-wise or technical-wise. I will also be posting new clips if I will have any.

I would like to thank Vladimir Ivaschenko for it was his two cameras that shot most if not all of this material. Let the internet save our memories now.

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