My name is Leonid Mamchenkov and this is my website.  This page is about me and it keeps changing and getting outdated.  If you have any questions or just want to know more – simply talk to me.

About me

I am originally Russian, from a rather small city of Togliatti, which is in Samara area about 1,000 kilometers from Moscow to the east. In 1996 I came to Cyprus, which is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, to study in the Intercollege. Originally I registered for Business Administration major, but after the first semester I changed to Computer Science. Accounting is not my thing, if you know what I mean.

I have gained Associate Degree in Computer Science and proceeded for the Bachelor. I have also started to work. Working gradually slowed down my education until it came to a complete halt.  That’s where I am now – three courses short of the Bachelor Degree. I still plan to graduate one day. Meanwhile if you are interested in my career, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Studing and working weren’t the only activities in my life though. I’ve been dating (and later living together with) my future wife Olga. We married in June of 2002. We still enjoy the life together. We also create life. Our son Maxim was born in February of 2005. And he is the sweetest thing coolest dude I’ve ever met.

While I am on the subject of my family, I should mention that I have a younger brother, who lives in Cyprus too. He had also studied Computer Science in the Intercollege. My mother lives in Russia Malta Cyprus Latvia. She is divorced to my father who still lives in Togliatti. I have also spent some time investigating my family and related people. If you are interested in these things, I have my family tree online.

About my interests

Computers are my main interest. I have been studying computers since before my high school. I am particularly interested in Open Source and Free Software, Linux operating system, scripted programming languages like Perl, PHP, and Python, system administration, and anything online.

My other, non-computer related interests keep changing over time.  Some of the things that I’ve invested serious time into over the years include photography, movies, genealogy, and driving.

About this site

The blog is proudly powered by Open Source technologies.  Currently it runs on Linux, Apache/Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and  WordPress.