On Open Source developers

It appears that not all Open Source Software developers are pathetic losers coding from their grandmother’s basement.  Here is a paragraph from Dan William’s blog post announcing the new release of NetworkManager application:

There’s no better way to celebrate the release of NetworkManager 0.9.2 than a sip of ice-cold cocktail.  It’s something pink-colored — I don’t know what — and it’s phenomenal.  And if I ever run out, I just ring a bell and somebody fills it up!  It’s basically like Paradise, except Paradise doesn’t have the latest version of NetworkManager.  Here’s a hot tip: make your first half billion and buy yourself a private island.  Then move there and write open-source software for fun.  It’s a pretty great life.  After a hard day on the beach bending networks to my will, I wind down by building buried hatches solely to confuse the island’s next owner (I’m trading up to a private archipelago in a few years).

He also shares a beautiful view in front of him at the time of his tagging the release.  Whether it’s true or not, it’s a wonderful picture.

P.S.: I don’t really know who Dan Williams is and if he is in fact a multimillionaire sitting on his own island with a pink-colored cocktail in one hand and a refill bell in another.  Even if he isn’t, there are enough examples of other people who’ve made a fortune and are now enjoying work on the Open Source Software.  I’m not kidding.  Ask Ubuntu people if you don’t believe me.

Wet kiss

Wet kiss

Olga and I went to the beach together today. Usually we are taking turns – either she goes or I. Today was my turn, but Olga decided to join us so that she could have a swim or two. The thing is, Maxim is changing his sleeping habbits once again and he is not sleeping while at the beach anymore. Before he did and we could enjoy the sea while he was doing so. Not anymore. I don’t mind much, but Olga – she does. She misses the water.

Anyway, since we were all together, I used the opportunity to make a bunch of pictures. Who knows when we will be swimming together next time. The summer slowly comes to an end.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-09-15_Beach

Coincidence? I think not…

Maxim and I went to the beach early in the morning today, as usual. The weather seemed nice, but it was pretty harsh when we got to the sea. Misty clouds were filtering out a lot of sunshine and there was a very very strong wind. It was so strong that all the umbrellas by the sunbeds were closed to prevent them from braking.

The beach looked pretty empty too. It seemed that you had to be insane to enjoy the beach in conditions like this. Because of the limited sunshine and strong wind the water felt very cold too. I was questioning myself for reasons to stay. I was eager to go home. But Maxim seemed to enjoy himself and didn’t mind the weather at all. Since he is the main reason we go swimming, I decided to stay.

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Call the exorcist. Now.

I had a funny exprience today at the beach. Maxim and I went for the morning swim, as we usually do when I am not working. There weren’t a lot of people on the beach. Except for us, there were maybe five or ten people. And there were some more people further down the coast line.

Among our neighbors, there was this youngish grandmother with her granddaughter of approximately five or six years of age. After some sunbathing, both of them went into the sea water. The girl was playing naked near the shore, while her grandmother went for a little swim.

When she was coming back, her bra was slightly pulled down by the weight of the water and one of her boobies came out. Noone would have noticed it though if it wasn’t for the girl. Whad did she do? Well, the moment she noticed, she pointed her hand with a little index finger sticking out towards her grandmother and started laughing. I think I will never forget this laugh. It was very loud, disturbing and evil. It sounded like the Devil himself together with his closest 15 demons are heaving a hell of a party inside that girl.

Everyone on the entire Limassol beach line from Monte Caputo to new port turned around and looked at the poor grandmother, who smiled awkwardly and pushed her boobie back into the bra. Nothing to see here people, move along.