Your pictures are out there

Girl with a one-track mind wrote an insightful post about pictures taken during the “romantic moment”.

Women across the world have one thing in common … what I am talking about is this: if a woman has had erotic photographs taken of her by a sexual partner, these will, at some point appear on the internet – usually without her knowledge.

She says that it happens more often than you can imagine.

Time and time again, I have received pictures of men having sex with their ex-girlfriends, in some shape or form; my hard drive is filled with images of anonymous women I will never meet; women whose readily identifiable images are freely available to all on the internet.

I bet none of these women gave their consent for their pictures to be used in this way.

She explores some of the reasons of why this happens.

Being so disposable, having their image being a mechanism for a man to exploit, well, I guess in this day and age – where women’s bodies are sexualised commodities for capitalism – it’s no surprise that their consent isn’t asked; why should men think of getting permission when it’s so acceptable to profit off these images in mainstream society? What would make a man think differently, when he is surrounded by images of women in various states of undress, selling everything from magazines to cars?

And she also provides some answers.

So what’s the answer? I’m afraid there’s only one: if you don’t want to run the risk of your erotic pictures being shared on the internet, then you can’t EVER let any be taken. Seriously.

Overall, that’s one nicely written post. Go read it.

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  1. hi there Ned, this post is very true i myself have seen some of it but in today’s generation of hi-technology and digital world the act is expected and most of those women are aware of it and yet they pose for it. i think it is just a matter of choice and ethics. of course no one would ask permission to post that picture in a site, who cares she doesnt know. but she is aware it will happen. in today’s modern time explicit shots is coming around in the web like a pouring rain and no one can stop it and going to stop it. its the trend now, other people benifitting from it making good money and they dont care if it is againts the norms of the society and ruins one’s morality they’re gaining big time from it. but the author is darn right, do not pose for it to avoid it, unless they are selling it too? :) nice post here Ned an eye opener

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