Coincidence? I think not…

Maxim and I went to the beach early in the morning today, as usual. The weather seemed nice, but it was pretty harsh when we got to the sea. Misty clouds were filtering out a lot of sunshine and there was a very very strong wind. It was so strong that all the umbrellas by the sunbeds were closed to prevent them from braking.

The beach looked pretty empty too. It seemed that you had to be insane to enjoy the beach in conditions like this. Because of the limited sunshine and strong wind the water felt very cold too. I was questioning myself for reasons to stay. I was eager to go home. But Maxim seemed to enjoy himself and didn’t mind the weather at all. Since he is the main reason we go swimming, I decided to stay.

After a couple of good swims, Maxim managed to calm himself down and went to sleep. I was bored. There were noone there to watch. Reading was difficult because of the wind and sand and flying pieces of garbage. Sea didn’t give me much satisfaction either.

The only entertainment I found for myself was to talk to Andreas – the owner of sunbeds and umbrellas. He wasn’t in a good mood too, but at least it was something.

And than I noticed that Andreas started to lose focus. I was telling him something and his eyes were going from side to side. We weren’t talking about anything serious, so I didn’t think that he was tired by the conversation. And it didn’t seem that he was looking at something. His eyes weren’t fixed on anything behind my back. Instead they were scouting all the sea coast. From far left to far right and back again.

After few seconds I realized that the conversation was basically over. I turned around to see what was there behind me that was interesting Andreas so much. And what do you think I find?

Ladies. Lots of ladies. They all came in singles or doubles. They were scattered all over the beach. There were no other men except for us. And most of these ladies looked very fine. And they were wearing those sexy bikinis and minding their own business. One was fixing the bra. Another was spreading the towel on the sand, bent all over. It was practically a crowd of sweet looking ladies all over the place.

I don’t know what they were doing there. As I said, the weather wasn’t the most appropriate for beaching out. There are not even closely as many of these ladies on other days. They didn’t seem connected in any way. What were they doing there? Maybe they got too tired from all the attention that they get and decided to go to the beach at bad weather so that it would be empty. I am out of ideas.

Anyway, needless to say that I spent the next to hours watching them left and right, while Maxim was sleeping. The funny thing is that he usually sleeps for half an hour or an hour. Rarely he sleeps for one and a half hours. But today he slept straight for two hours without waking up. And he was still sleeping when I decided that it was time to drag him home. The weather was improving and the shower was slowly coming to an end anyway.

While thinking about this, I was wondering if it was a coincidence or not. If it was, it feels like a strange one…

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