From the baby to a US Marines’ boy

After the first haircut

Maxim has got his first haircut today. Don’t worry, that wasn’t either from me or Olga. We got some professional help.

Maxim was puzzled at the beginning, but that he got bored and turned somewhat grumpy. No major crying though.

When we brought him back home, we realized that there was a bigger change in him, not just a haircut. He didn’t look like a baby anymore. Instead, he was a boy. The style of the haircut suggested some relation to the US Marine Corps. Quite a change I should say.

Anyway, it will grow back and we won’t be cutting it anytime soon. Let him have the hippy fun.

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Happy Birthday, Olga!

Olga, Maxim, and flowers

Today is yet another Olga’s birthday. She refuses to celebrate it. Again. Saying that it’s not a holiday and that there’s nothing to celebrate. Oh, well. That only means that all of you guys are out of luck. I’m still having my wife’s birthday and nothing can stop me.

Happy birthday, babe! All the best wishes, and some extra stuff that I won’t post here.

Album location: /photos/2006/2006-03-14_Olga_Birthday