On Open Source developers

It appears that not all Open Source Software developers are pathetic losers coding from their grandmother’s basement.  Here is a paragraph from Dan William’s blog post announcing the new release of NetworkManager application:

There’s no better way to celebrate the release of NetworkManager 0.9.2 than a sip of ice-cold cocktail.  It’s something pink-colored — I don’t know what — and it’s phenomenal.  And if I ever run out, I just ring a bell and somebody fills it up!  It’s basically like Paradise, except Paradise doesn’t have the latest version of NetworkManager.  Here’s a hot tip: make your first half billion and buy yourself a private island.  Then move there and write open-source software for fun.  It’s a pretty great life.  After a hard day on the beach bending networks to my will, I wind down by building buried hatches solely to confuse the island’s next owner (I’m trading up to a private archipelago in a few years).

He also shares a beautiful view in front of him at the time of his tagging the release.  Whether it’s true or not, it’s a wonderful picture.

P.S.: I don’t really know who Dan Williams is and if he is in fact a multimillionaire sitting on his own island with a pink-colored cocktail in one hand and a refill bell in another.  Even if he isn’t, there are enough examples of other people who’ve made a fortune and are now enjoying work on the Open Source Software.  I’m not kidding.  Ask Ubuntu people if you don’t believe me.