Call the exorcist. Now.

I had a funny exprience today at the beach. Maxim and I went for the morning swim, as we usually do when I am not working. There weren’t a lot of people on the beach. Except for us, there were maybe five or ten people. And there were some more people further down the coast line.

Among our neighbors, there was this youngish grandmother with her granddaughter of approximately five or six years of age. After some sunbathing, both of them went into the sea water. The girl was playing naked near the shore, while her grandmother went for a little swim.

When she was coming back, her bra was slightly pulled down by the weight of the water and one of her boobies came out. Noone would have noticed it though if it wasn’t for the girl. Whad did she do? Well, the moment she noticed, she pointed her hand with a little index finger sticking out towards her grandmother and started laughing. I think I will never forget this laugh. It was very loud, disturbing and evil. It sounded like the Devil himself together with his closest 15 demons are heaving a hell of a party inside that girl.

Everyone on the entire Limassol beach line from Monte Caputo to new port turned around and looked at the poor grandmother, who smiled awkwardly and pushed her boobie back into the bra. Nothing to see here people, move along.

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