Daily blog posts: yes or no?

I came across this blog post that argues that posting to your blog daily is a thing of the past. Eric Kintz, the author of the post, gives ten good reasons for why he thinks so.

I somewhat agree wit Eric, but I find his post a bit narrow. One of the important things that he leaves out is author’s discipline. Daily posts help authors, especially beginners, to “get into it”.

I would’ve never built my curent blogging skills without daily posts. And even now, when I don’t have any troubles writing a couple of one page long posts a day, I feel that daily blogging helps me in maintaining and improving my skills (language, typing speed, focusing ability, research methods, etc).

By the way, if you feel like you need to do daily blogging, but realize that you have writer’s block at this very moment, here’s a helpful post for you to keep handy.

(both links were found via Weblog Tools Collection)

2 thoughts on “Daily blog posts: yes or no?”

  1. I have the reverse problem. I want to blog dozens of posts a day but I have to try hard and restrain myself to do “other things” and avoid getting into trouble! :-D

  2. Well according to my opinion I think one need to look out for an interesting comment. don’t go by quantity rather go by quality that can help you to have good and interesting blogs!

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