What Was Your First WordPress Version?

James Huff of Weblog Tools Collection asks the questions: what was your first WordPress version? Since I’ve been using WordPress for a few years now, my memory got hazy and I didn’t quite remember. It took me a couple of minutes to dig the truth out.

According to my archives, I’ve migrated this site from NucleusCMS to WordPress on April 9, 2005. A quick check with WordPress versions history suggests that my first WordPress version was 1.5. It was released on February 17, 2005. Version 1.5.1 was released on May 9, 2005 and I’ve upgraded to it, not migrated.

So, for six and a half years I’m using WordPress and I’ve never regretted it even once. That’s quite an achievement, I think. Huge thanks to WordPress folks. I hope that you will continue to bring us more WordPress awesomeness for years to come.

What was your first WordPress version?

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