Scheduled downtime

I am planning to bring the server down today for a few minutes. The reason for the downtime is the upgrade of the system. The machine is almost out of disk space and its hard disks urgently need replacement.

It’s been a while since I ugpraded hard disks and therefor it runs on a bunch of really outdated disks like 40 and 60 GBytes. I will pass by the computer shop today to see what’s the current situation with hardware and if the prices are good I am planning to get at least a 200 GByte disk. Maybe even a 300 GByte disk. Or maybe even a couple of 200 GByte ones.

This upgrade should also free up some space in the server’s case. At this moment there are five IDE devices installed in the room designed to hold only three of them.

Update: I’ve just purchased Seagate Barracuda 200 GByte hard disk in ComputerLand Center for a mere 68 CYP. It will be installed shortly.

Update: The old 40 GByte hard disk that was hosting root filesystem has been replaced by the new 200 GByte disk. Some hard disk tetris is yet to be played though. I still have to free up some space in the case and disconnect some old junky hardware. But all this will be done later. I am tired of the noise and dust at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Scheduled downtime”

  1. Indeed storage is cheap this days. :)

    By the way, if you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can order from Cyprus PC. They seem to have good priced too and ‘pay on delivery’ is an option. There are in Nicosia though, so delivery can take a day or two as well as cost a couple of pounds extra.

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