Upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1

As recently promised I’ve upgraded to WordPress version 1.5.1. The process went very smooth and fast – something that I was missing with Nucleus. Most of the things work. Actually, the only bit broken is the BAStats plugin, which visitors don’t see and which is a beta anyway. So I don’t have any hard feelings.

The site seems slightly faster and more responsive indeed. There are still issues with my MySQL and Apache optimization, but I’ll get to it one day too.

If you see any glitches after the upgrade, please let me know via comments.

4 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1”

  1. This is a usability, not a code, issue:

    I could not find link to Home (main, index) page. I guessed it might be “blog” in top navbar. I was correct. But this is not blog convention. The norm is to have “Home” as a sidebar text link.


    Now you can tell me the 101 things wrong with my blogs!

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