Stealth mode or few words about “too busy” posts

Anyone who reads more than five blogs for more than five month probably knows and hates the “too busy” posts. Those appear either on the rarely updated blogs, saying how busy the author is and how he or she doesn’t have time to update the blog just now. Or they appear before the silence, saying the same thing – “I’ll be too busy to update this blog for the next few days”.

I am not an exception here – I hate those posts. They say nothing new. If the website has no news, then the author has more important things to do. That’s as clear, as a Cyprus summer day.

But on the other hand, if you ever maintained a website that was read by more than five people, you had the urge to write the “too busy” post once in a while. It’s almost unexplainable. You don’t own anyone anything, yet you feel that you absolutely have to let everyone know that you are “too busy”. It’s almost as silly as asking for the last wish before getting executed – everyone wants it, but nobody knows why.

Oh, and I almost forgot – with this post I wanted to let you know that these days I am very busy, working on a few things, and might get silent (stealth mode) on this blog for a day or two. Don’t be scared – I’m alright. And don’t panic – I’ll be back. And not only that – I’ll bring more blogging too. In the meantime, I’ll try to post at least something – quick links, random thoughts, or daily quotes… anything. Let me know in the comments which of those small posts work better for you.

One thought on “Stealth mode or few words about “too busy” posts”

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