Good news from PrimeTel

Yes, I know, I am biased when I talk about PrimeTel, since I used to work there and still have a lot of friends there.  But even with that, how can one not be happy about great news that came in via SMS today:

Your Internet speed will double as of 1/1/2011 with no additional charge. Happy New Year from PrimeTel!

I am getting 4.5 – 5.5 Mbps on my 4 Mbps PrimeTel subscription.  With this new upgrade it seems I’ll be getting somewhere around 10 Mbps. Excellent present – thank you PrimeTel!

Updated: You might also want to read this article in Cyprus Mail.

5 thoughts on “Good news from PrimeTel”

  1. Yes, that’s good news indeed. I did some tests yesterday and posted them on my blog and I will do similar tests next week to compare the difference.
    To be honest, I was ready to move to cablenet but it seems that Primetel is constantly improving. Good work Primetel :)

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