Surprised with the clinic

Yesterday, Olga and I went for the regular check to the caretaker. After than we went (finally!) to see the clinic where Olga will be taken care of when the time for labour and delivery will come. And we were so surprised! It was unbelievable.

Limassol clinic is a small two or three floor building not too far from our house. It looks like any other building in the area. But it is inside that shocked us. There are not to many 4-star hotels in Limassol which feel that good. Clean and tidy, cozy, with paintings and plants were all over the place. Excellent furniture and a touch of style to everything. All rooms have a single bed, shower, couch and a couple of armchairs, TV, fridge and anything you could with for. Newly born babies can stay either in the rooms with their mothers or in a separate place. There is also a VIP lounge. It is a huge two-room space with more furniture and comforty items.

And there was no this hospital smell anywhere. I was really shocked.

When I saw all of this beauty and excellence I started to prepare myself for a bloated bill with at least 4 digits in it. It turned out that the whole thing costs almost twice as cheap as I was imagining it before seeing the hospital. 650 CYP includes labour and delivery, with 3 days stay in the clinic. This is a very reasonable price. If it is not, at least I am satisfied with it.

Anyway, now we are looking forward for when the time is right. The baby is doing fine. It is about 1.7 kilograms now. All the tests look OK, ultrasound doesn’t show any problems and the heartbeat sounds clean and good. We will be monitoring the progress even more often with the caretaker now – once every two weeks instead of once a month.

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  1. Our caretaker has a small ultrasound machine. By now, baby does not fit the screen, so she has to view only parts of him. This does not make for any interesting screenshots. You have to be there to understand what is going on. ;)

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