My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Somehow Olga managed not to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding“, so we had to rent it and watch it. I’ve seen it before in the cinema, but since that was before my blogging times, I decided to post about it.

The film is a nice comedy about the wedding of Greek woman to a Jewish man. From what I have seen, cultural differences are a good source of humor and this film does exploit this resource to a good extent. It doesn’t go into showing too much or explaining everything. It just provides a number of funny episodes and templates. If you get them – good for you, if not – there are more.

Good mix of acting, traditional music, languages, and fun – deserves a 7 out of 10 in my book. :)

3 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

  1. I like it too :) I think next step in improving of your blog it’s to make separate search for movies and small script with to take details from imdb plus your rating and comments

  2. You can browse through archives of ‘Movies’ category by first selecting it.

    Also, soon I will not have that much time for movie watching, so changing anything in this regard is not worth the while. :)

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