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Just by accident I found out about BasKet Note Pads only a few days ago. BasKet Note Pads is a KDE-based notes application. Until now I’ve tried a couple of dozens of diffirent programs and left it at kNotes. kNotes is a simple and fast way to take notes (think: yellow sticky paper). But it’s too simple for my needs.

Others that I’ve tried were either slow, remote, poorly integrated with my environment, or unreliable. I won’t even go into listing them all here.

BasKet Note Pads, on the other hand, is something I was looking for. It’s fast and simple, as kNotes. But it also has a whole bunch of features. Mostly I needed a way to group notes, and to collaps and expand them as I needed. Also, I thought, some sort of tree structure would be nice.

BasKet Note Pads do have all that. And more. I’m already hooked on tagging and quick searching. Drag-n-drop and keyboard support is great. And there is also support for different media formats – texts, images, sound files, URLs, and so on. Notes can be exported into HTML files. And they can also be imported from a number of note applications (including kNotes).

Notes can be password protected. They can be todo list items. They can have keyboard shortcuts. They can have different icons and backgrounds assigned. They can …

There is so much functionality that I haven’t managed to go through all of it in just the few days that I’m using the application. But I love it. So far, it has everything that I need and want and some more. And it works fast. Very fast. Go, try it out.

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  1. Thanks Douglas. I’ve checked the screenshots and movies at Flying Meat – looks cool. I don’t have a Mac anywhere nearby, but if I ever get my hands on one (not that I am in a hurry or anything) – I’ll try that software. :)

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