Yet another car accident

I was hoping that all good and bad events for this year were over. After all it’s just a couple of days left, and with New Year spirit all over the place, I didn’t need anything serious. But I was wrong.

I had a car accident today.

Again, it wasn’t my fault. I was driving in the left lane at about 40 km/h. No manouvers – no turns, no stops, nothing. And then I suddenly got hit by another car travelling at least 120 km/h. My car was turned around 270 degrees and stopped across two lanes of the opposite direction. Luckily there were no other cars.

I didn’t feel any damages or injuries. It was just the sound of a crash and than I realized that my car is spinning.

I stepped out of the car and checked myself. Legs, hands, head – everything in place. No pain. No blood. No dizzyness. I could walk, bend, and turn. Good.

I briefly checked my car – the backside was all smashed heavily. Chances are – I’m not going to drive it home. It’ll have to be transported.

I looked at another car. It was totally ruined. Half of the engine was inside the car. Another half was out on the street. Front wheels were near the windscreen.

The door opened and the guy fell out of the car and on to the road. I picked him up. Both legs and hands OK, the head looked OK. No blood, no broken bones. Good.

I looked him in the eyes – he was totally drunk. I mean I had a few drinks myself, but he was gone and lost. I put him against his car to chill out. Asked him if he was OK – he said that he felt fine. I checked his car for other passengers, but noone was there.

So far so good – two people involved and both are OK.

I called the traffic police. They arrived pretty soon – maybe in 10-15 minutes. They measured the distances, wrote reports, and did all the regular stuff. Except, for some reason, they didn’t test neither one of us for alcohol. That was strange, but I wasn’t insisting. The policeman asked me if I had been drinking, I said that I had a couple of drinks, but that I am within the legal limits.

I also called Slava, because I knew he was nearby – it’s good to have someone behind in the situation like this, because thinking straight in a stressful situation is a gift not many people have. Another person – no matter who – can help a lot in making sure that the procedures are followed properly and that everything has been taken care of in the right way. And Slava is good in the sort of things too. He came pretty fast too – and I am thankful he did.

Anyway, after the police made all necessary reports, they said that I am free to go. The car was too damaged to travel anywhere, so I had to leave it on the side street. Another car was totaly crashed, so they moved it with evacuator.

Stay tuned for the updates…

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