New Year – reviews and resolutions

I have re-written this post more than five times already. I am not any good with neither reviews, nor resolutions. My memory is too short for reviews. And digging through archives of this blog takes time. And there is too much potential for nostalgia crying. Resolutions are even worse. I am terrible at planning, and more so at following the plans.

Therefor, after the fifth rewrite, I decided to make it short.

Here are five most significant things that happened in 2006:

  1. I stopped engaging in drunk driving. Except for a couple of times.
  2. I lost a lot of weight (about 20 kg) via diets and exercises.
  3. I quit my job and started my own business.
  4. I visited my homeland country (Russia) after staying away for 9 years.
  5. I connected a few people with Internet technology (blogging, social networks, photography and image sharing). Most of them now use it on their own, and seem a tiny bit happier. (Or I like to think so)

It was a great year – better than most years that I remember.

Here are three things that I expect to happen in 2007 (remember ,I’m terrible at planning):

  1. Paperwork for my family should be resolved or lightened a lot. There is plenty to look for now – Olga’s and Maxim’s citizenship, my brother’s long term residency permit, my mother’s something (she’s still choosing her path, I guess).
  2. My business should go up and identify itself. There are way too many people involved already, for it to grow slowly. Too many smart people, I should add.
  3. I should start travelling. I have the freedom of movement now and it’s about time I use it. Going back to Russia doesn’t count. I should see some Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, etc), and some Asia (China and something else). Maybe not all of them this year, but I should start already.

The coming year is going to be very interesting, no matter how it will turn out. There’s so much stuff going on, starting up, and dying out, that there is just no way for this to be a boring “like any other” year.

Happy New Year to all of you! My best wishes to you and your close ones. Have a nice time, celebrate the midnight, eat and drink, make some noise, and so on and so forth. I’ll see in the New Year.

P.S.: This post is in part a response to group blogging at Cyprus Blog Network.

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