Accident updates

I am still pretty hyped up about the whole thing, but there were a few things to calm me down.

First of all, Dmitry offered me a helping hand – he gave me his second car. We drove to the insurance today and added me as a temporary driver for the next month. Thanks a bunch, man! Staying without a car for the holidays would have been pretty tough – now I can finish up holiday preparations.

Secondly, I passed by my insurance and did all the paperwork. The other driver, it seems, haven’t admitted his fault, and so the full round of paper football will take place now. My claim will be faxed to Nicosia, where the insurance agent will gather the reports from the police and from the other party insurance and they will decide who is guilty. Sometime next week they should arrive to the conclusion and inform the garage masters on who will be paying for repairs.

6 thoughts on “Accident updates”

  1. Well, he can go with “I was driving straight, and this guy was making a U-turn.” But that would be total crap. There were three lanes – two for the direction, and one for turning right. He hit me in the left-most lane. If I was making a U-turn from over there, it would be the side and not the back of the car.

    If they will tell that I was guilty, I’ll go to court. The situation was pretty clear.

  2. My report will be sent to Nicosia, where the HQ will also gather police report and the report of the other party and they will decide who was guilty and who will pay. Should be done sometime next week.

  3. This story reminds me an old joke about new russian who smashed his mercedes against a road roller and was claiming that it was the roller’s fault because it tried to overtake him.
    Anyway I hope it will turn out well for you, poor roller’s driver :)

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