Straight Shooter

I’ve just watched the “Straigth Shooter” on DVD. There is something strange about this film. It looks and feels like something of mid-70s. Picture quality, sound, choice of music compositions, photography, camera work, lights, and everything. Even the story and character development are very 70-ish. Never-the-less, the film was done in 1999.

And that puts me in the situation where I have to decide if I liked it or not. For the measures of 70-ies this film is very good. It is dynamic, interesting, and has good special effects. On the other hand, as a movie made in 1999 it sucks big time. It was supposed to be an action and a war crime with special ops and stuff, but according to today’s standards it is very slow and boring without much to look at.

Until someone will prove to me that it is a really old film or explain to me what was so great about making a movie that was 30 years late, I’ll give it a 5 out of 10.

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