Blogging is good for you. Part X.

You’ve heard me saying that blogging is good for you, haven’t you? Well, today I’m gonna give you just another example of how good it really is.

Olga and I were chosing the place to order some food from. We decided to get some Chinese. I picked up the Pagoda menu from the pyle of others and scrolled through. Olga did the same. And when I was almost dialing to make the order, she remembered, that the last time we ordered Chinese from another place. But she couldn’t remember which one it was. Neither could I.

And than I remembered that I posted something in the blog about some Chinese food. Seconds later I found – “Jin Ciao. The new food stop.“. Not only I posted something. I wrote a very comprehensive review.

I dug up the Jin Chao menu from the pyle of papers and we put up a new order. We were able to make smarter choices and knew what to expect – all because I spent 10 minutes three month ago.

The moral: blog – it’s good for you. At least it’s better than your memory.

P.S.: We ordered other dishes and they were excellent. Jin Chao is definitely my number 1 Chinese food spot in Limassol right now.

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