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Finally, Limassol is joining a list of pretty much every city on this planet that has a system of public transportation!  Lots of new buses, new routes, new tickets, new passengers – all that is exciting.  I’ve been waiting for this and now I’m happy to see how it grows and improves.  From a myth of bus system, it turned into a real bus network.  It’s true that not everything is covered yet, and that most people still prefer to drive their own cars, but I see light in the end of the tunnel.  I’m full of hope.  And I say – just give it time.  And we’ll have an alternative to personal cars and expensive taxis.

I have tried the new bus system myself.  Together with my son Maxim we took a test ride to grandma’s and back.  The funny bit was when were heading back home, we had a choice of either going back by bus or getting a lift by my brother.  When presented with these options, Maxim chose a bus.  And I don’t see why not.  The buses are new and comfortable.  We already paid for a daily ticket.  There is practically no waiting time.  And it’s all exciting and new.

The only issue I noticed with the new system is that nobody knows which routes are there, where buses stop, and how often they go.  Except for route 30, which goes along the seaside from La Meridian Hotel to the New Port of Limassol and back.  Gladly, there is a website now that solves the problem with detailed information on all routes, bus stops, timetables, ticket prices, and more – . Not only the website is in both Greek and English, but it’s a nice showcase of how WordPress can be used for a non-blog.

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  1. I did not read whole you post when I posted my comment. So some another comments

    – I decided to go by bus to work and it supposed to come at 8.30 – I came 8.25 and it was late. So I had to wait 20 minutes for another one. The bus came – you can find a picture of my blog – so it was not new and driver couldn’t speak English. But we deal and according to information – road should take 15 minutes, driver did it in 8 :). But o.k. 30 euro per monthly ticket is very good.

  2. Yesterday I decided to go by bus again and I have another story. I went inside bus and driver didn’t want any money (he took it after). During road – he probably wanted to proved that he has racer skills, but only thanks driver of another car we didn’t make an accident.

    Another things came after. I wanted to pay 1 euro for ticket, but I had only 5. I gave to him and he returned 3 euro to me with sentence – I don’t have for change and it’s o.k. ? After we had to ask another passenger if he has 1 euro :). Do not know what could happen if customer didn’t have it.

    It was not enough. We were probably 6 stops before the last one and he said – “This is the end of my road. I will not continue. There’s another bus in this area if you want to continue.” (Actually – there’s not another bus in this area and it should not be his last stop) I was happy, the stop was my final one, but another one guy was very surprised.

      1. I need to say one BIG SORRY for bus company in Limassol. I found out that the bus I always go during evening (story above was a story with them) does not belong to this company. It’s a guy going with his own bus.

        I didn’t know it – so one more time BIG SORRY for the bus company.

  3. Good posts.
    I am a Limassol bus user myself.
    Work in the Old Town but get on at The Four Seasons.
    Great service on the 30. We have a laughing driver who is brilliant and no matter how bad a day he always cheers me up.

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