Every Bootstrap Website Ever


Every Bootstrap Website Ever – a hilarious outcry (I’m guessing, of a designer) about the similarity of the websites based on Twitter Bootstrap.  I get the joke. It’s funny.  But I still think that Bootstrap is the best thing since sliced bread.  It saves lives. :)

Material Design for Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap + Google Material Design = Material Design for Bootstrap :

300+ material UI elements, 1000+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, helpers, templates, SASS files and many more.

All fully responsive. All compatible with different browsers.

Some components are commercial, but the prices for the PRO version are very affordable:

  • Personal Single Site / Application : $29
  • Developer Multiple Sites / Applications : $69
  • Corporate Multiple Sites / Applications : $199

Bootstrap 4 alpha release

Bootstrap 4 alpha has been released.  After a few more alphas, and a couple of betas, we’ll have a new and much improved Twitter Bootstrap.  Though it seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to the release of Bootstrap 3.

Can you imagine that Bootstrap is only 4 years old?  It feels like I’ve been using it forever.  And the rest of the Internet seems to agree…