CSSFX – beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects

CSSFX is a collection of CSS effects with previews and very simple implementation instructions. Just click on the effect demo that you like, and a popup with HTML and CSS code snippets will appear, ready to be used on your site.

There’s also a GitHub repository, if you prefer it this way.

percollate – a command-line tool to turn web pages into beautifully formatted PDFs

percollate is a command-line tool to convert web pages into PDF files.  It supports single-page and multi-page files, can fetch the HTML documents from the web, understands accelerated mobile pages (see AMP), and even allows some control of the output with CSS snippets.

Having fun with link hover effects

Any web developer knows how to apply CSS rules to style web page elements.  Including links.  Including hover effects (on mouse over).  But I think most have never went far enough to explore the limits of this styling.  “Having fun with link hover effects” goes exactly there, with some really cool techniques that tend to leave people with “why didn’t I think of that” thought hovering over their head.

The div that looks different in every browser

Martijn Cuppens tweets the link to this code snippet and a screenshot of how the code renders in different browsers.  Yup.  Each browser produces a different result.  The Twitter thread has more examples.

This is yet another example of how CSS and cross-browser compatibility can drive a web developer insane.