Phonephobia (vol. 1)

My good friend Slava Dyrdine has finally published his first book of drawings.  You can buy a paperback edition from Amazon for only $15.  If you are into art and moody things, you’ll love having a copy of this at home or in the office.  It also goes well as a present.

The 20 best wireframe tools


Creative Bloq lists 20 best wireframe tools.  The selection varies from free, through cheap, to expensive, and covers web-based, desktop, and mobile solutions.  Quite handy for those of us not involved in web design on a daily basis, but needing a sketch / mockup / wireframe tool once in a while.

The list includes the following:

  2. Moqups
  3. UXPin
  4. Fluid UI
  5. Balsamiq Mockups
  6. Axure
  7. Pidoco
  8. Visio (surprise, surprise)
  9. InDesign CC
  10. Photoshop CC (no surprise)
  11. Photoshare
  12. Penultimate
  13. Pencil Project
  14. OmniGraffle
  15. Gliffy
  16. MockFlow
  17. Frame Box
  18. FlairBuilder
  19. Justinmind
  20. HotGloo

Update (May 22, 2017): Also, have a look at this list of mockup tools.

Sketchcast – useful toolbox addition

With all the tools and services blooming recently, it’s still hard to find something useful. Sure there are a million ways of sharing pictures and bookmarks, but we’ve had it for years now. Today, finally, I stumbled upon something which looks to be very useful. And I was glad to see that it is extremely easy to use too –

Sketchcast allows one to create simple sketches – drawings with text and voice over. The tool like this has a huge variety of applications – from driving instructions and computer tutorials to flowcharting and comics. Often I do feel a need to sketch something and then share it either with general public or with certain individuals. Now I have an easy tool to do that.

Sketchcast also has a few additional features which just make it even more useful – RSS feeds, channels, and easy publishing. For the first time in a long time I have a feeling of “easy and simple” coupled with “everything I need, at least for now”. Good job done there.

Here is my channel (the link was added to the right too). You can also subscribe to my sketchcast RSS feed.