Sketchcast – useful toolbox addition

With all the tools and services blooming recently, it’s still hard to find something useful. Sure there are a million ways of sharing pictures and bookmarks, but we’ve had it for years now. Today, finally, I stumbled upon something which looks to be very useful. And I was glad to see that it is extremely easy to use too –

Sketchcast allows one to create simple sketches – drawings with text and voice over. The tool like this has a huge variety of applications – from driving instructions and computer tutorials to flowcharting and comics. Often I do feel a need to sketch something and then share it either with general public or with certain individuals. Now I have an easy tool to do that.

Sketchcast also has a few additional features which just make it even more useful – RSS feeds, channels, and easy publishing. For the first time in a long time I have a feeling of “easy and simple” coupled with “everything I need, at least for now”. Good job done there.

Here is my channel (the link was added to the right too). You can also subscribe to my sketchcast RSS feed.

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