Technorati is lagging behind

Once in a while I go to Technorait to check my profile. Most of my blogs are at the bottom of the rating lists. And that’s understandable – I haven’t devoted that much to them recently.

The only blog that stands out is this one. People read it and link to it, and it’s score is much higher in return.

And was almost happy, clicking around to check the incoming and outgoing lists, this and that. And then I noticed that Technorati thinks that my blog was last updated 100 days ago. I am puzzled. My blog is definetely much fresher. My longest blogging interval was by far shorter than a week. Way shorter than 100 days.

It looks like Technorati is lagging behind. I wonder if I am the only one here. I also wonder how this lag affects the ratings and data about inbound links. Those things I am interested in, and I’d very much like to have them accurate.

6 thoughts on “Technorati is lagging behind”

  1. On Sunday, technocrati was down, i couldn’t get into my profile page, but about the ping: it updates usually in one-two days…not in 100 days :)

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