Slack Tips

Tips and demo are probably my most favorite sections on any website, especially so for productivity tools. I’m glad to see that Slack Tips are now launched as well, with a collection of simple, yet powerful recipes on how to make everyone’s life easier.

How To Speed Up The Code Review

How To Speed Up The Code Review” is a collection of excellent tips and strategies on how to make your Pull Requests easier to review. These work equally well for Open Source projects and for proprietary repositories.

The gist of this article is: don’t make large pull requests, and don’t mix different types of changes within the same pull request. Read the whole thing for suggestions on how to actually do that.

GitHub : Draft Pull Requests

Here are some exciting news from GitHub – an introduction of the Draft Pull Requests. I think this is a very welcome addition to GitHub features.

At work, we’ve been using a work around to solve the problem – a [WIP] prefix in the title of the pull request, which means that this is “Work In Progress” and the PR shouldn’t be merged.

While the prefix does help, it’s not as good as the new Draft Pull Requests. Somebody can still merge a [WIP] pull request by mistake. But with Draft Pull Requests, merging is blocked, until the developer indicates otherwise.

Great stuff!

gita – manage multiple git repositories

gita is a command line tool to manage multiple git repositories in parallel. You can easily check the status of several repositories, pull, push, commit, and so on.

This is a nice alternative to how we are handling things at work, with hundreds of repositories all around, but with a lot of overlap between them too. For us, a custom set of scripts works pretty well, with a combination of a powerful terminal emulator. Terminator, for example, provides handy functionality of split screen view, with grouped terminals, where multiple screens can be easily updated with a single command input.

SpaceVim – extended Vim configuration bundle

There are many different configuration bundles for Vim, which easy the discovery, installation, configuration, and documentation of different plugins and features of this powerful text editor. SpaceVim is yet another one of these.

If you are new to Vim, or have grown tired of trying to tweak it to your liking, please give it a try. It might just work for all your needs.