Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs” is a fun adventure comedy about a few somewhat grown-up friends taking a road trip for the old times sake.  It’s a not a bad movie at all, but whether you’ll enjoy it or not depends a lot on your mood.  Gladly, I was in the mood for some light entertainment.  And I had a blast.   While there are a few places which are slow or silly, there are enough of those that made me laugh out loud. Overall it was worth it.

4 out of 5 from me and a solid recommendation for Friday evening entertainment.

Are they brothers or something?

As you might have noticed, I’ve seen a whole bunch of movies with Cedric the Entertainer recently. While watching all these movies I was thinking that he reminds me of someone. With every film the feeling of deja vu was growing stronger and my mind was working harder trying to figure it out. And finally – BOOM – I remember. He strongly reminds me of Martin Lawrence, who I haven’t seen at all recently.

The similiarities are so strong that I could easily confuse one with another. Of course, Cedric is a lot bigger and heavier than Martin, but that’s about the only difference. They talk the same, walk the same, have similar jokes, their funny faces are the same and they are very similar visually.

But they only time I can remember them together in the same film they looked very different. The film was “Big Momma’s House” where Martin played the leading role of special agent Malcolm Turner and Cedric played a rather episodical role of reverend.

Black Knight

Watched “Black Knight” on DVD. It is an excellent comedy with Martin Lawrence. If like him, watch it, if not – then you better not, because it is rather cliche.

This film has got me thinking about something. It seems that mixing Middle Age with Modern Times is always funny. I am trying hard and I cannot remember one film which was bad with it. “Army of Darkness“, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights“, “Just Visiting” and now “Black Knight” are all successful movies. Was there any bad one? Can anyone remind me?

7 out of 10. The boxing in the woods and training of the rebels are my two favourite scenes.