Black Knight

Watched “Black Knight” on DVD. It is an excellent comedy with Martin Lawrence. If like him, watch it, if not – then you better not, because it is rather cliche.

This film has got me thinking about something. It seems that mixing Middle Age with Modern Times is always funny. I am trying hard and I cannot remember one film which was bad with it. “Army of Darkness“, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights“, “Just Visiting” and now “Black Knight” are all successful movies. Was there any bad one? Can anyone remind me?

7 out of 10. The boxing in the woods and training of the rebels are my two favourite scenes.

2 thoughts on “Black Knight”

  1. As for me film is average. Little bit stupid "american" style comedy. Watch "Eteranl Sunshine of the spotless mind" if u didnt yet. Rally masterpiece. I asume u like Butterfly Effect so this one much better. Actually I saw Butterfly after reading ur blog but was disapointed lttle bit – expectted more from movie but anyway. see ya.

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