Danny the Dog

I added “Danny the Dog” to my list of movies to watch because it was one of the most mentioned Jet Li movies. So I didn’t expect anything but a good action out of it when I pressed the playback button.

Directed by: Louis Leterrier
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon, Vincent Regan, Dylan Brown, Tamer Hassan, Michael Jenn, Phyllida Law, Carole Ann Wilson, Michael Ian Lambert, Jaclyn Lee, Puthirith Chou, Tony Theng, Owen Lay
IMDB raintg: 7.2
My rating: 8.5 [rate 8.5]

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Black Knight

Watched “Black Knight” on DVD. It is an excellent comedy with Martin Lawrence. If like him, watch it, if not – then you better not, because it is rather cliche.

This film has got me thinking about something. It seems that mixing Middle Age with Modern Times is always funny. I am trying hard and I cannot remember one film which was bad with it. “Army of Darkness“, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights“, “Just Visiting” and now “Black Knight” are all successful movies. Was there any bad one? Can anyone remind me?

7 out of 10. The boxing in the woods and training of the rebels are my two favourite scenes.