Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs” is a fun adventure comedy about a few somewhat grown-up friends taking a road trip for the old times sake.  It’s a not a bad movie at all, but whether you’ll enjoy it or not depends a lot on your mood.  Gladly, I was in the mood for some light entertainment.  And I had a blast.   While there are a few places which are slow or silly, there are enough of those that made me laugh out loud. Overall it was worth it.

4 out of 5 from me and a solid recommendation for Friday evening entertainment.

Crossing Over

Crossing over

Went to see “Crossing Over” in the cinema.  Not that I was particularly waiting for it or anything – it’s just that there isn’t much else too see these days, and a duo of Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta in the same film sounded a tiny bit interesting.

The film turned out to be pretty average.  There was a lot of good acting, but the script and directing just weren’t up to the par.  Multiple main characters, each with his own life, all getting connected to each other the closer the movie went to the end, plus a social problem of immigration being so hot in the USA, these all reminded me of another movie.  It’s surprising how similar this film is to “Crash“.    But comparing it to “Crash” doesn’t do it any good either.

The story lacks depth and detail.  People often behave in weird waves and no explanation is given.  Or, when given, it often is unbelievable.  There were suposed to be a lot of drama, but the story not having enough depth, all drama turns into depressive non-stop crying.  And what’s more disappointing, after bringing up attention to a serious issue, the film fails to make any points at all, or leave any food for thought.

As I said, good acting minus good directing and holes in the story make up for an average film.  Rating – 3 stars, average.

Addendum for those who saw the movie.  Scene in the supermarket with four out five robbers shot.  Do you still wonder what happened?  He got out of bullets.   Scene with the singing of the national anthem – that was a joke from the editors, which was added after the final cut.  Just kidding.  Both times.

Smokin’ Aces

I just watched a criminal action with a bit of drama – “Smokin’ Aces“.  And I liked it.  There were some really good things about.  The photography was creative, fresh, and interesting.  Costume design as a part of character development was outstanding.  Especially those Nazi punks … they looked and behaved like they were no less than “Rammstein” band.  Bloody scenes were as bloody as they should be in such a movie, and the humor had a nice black scent to it.

One other thing that well was the cast.  There are a lot of characters in this movie, and there is not much time to develop them or to go into depth with each.  But it wasn’t a problem – everyone performed really well.  Sometimes it felt like the good old “Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels“.  It wasn’t that good though.

Overall, a very decent movie for the fans of the genre.  7 out of 10.