The Microsoft experience

I smiled after reading this post.  It reminded me of the fact that in our office, designers use my laptop to test web sites on Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.  We have two guys doing the designs, and one of the uses Windows Vista, which runs MSIE 7.  Another one uses, I think, Windows XP, but with MSIE upgraded to version 7 too.  I heard it’s possible to have several versions of Internet Explorer running on the same Windows installation, but nobody around here knows how to do it or cares enough to experiment.

But the funniest thing in this whole story is that my laptop is running on Fedora Linux.

8 thoughts on “The Microsoft experience”

  1. to have several versions of Internet Explorer running on the same Windows installation

    Truly, however having IE6 and other alternative browsers like Opera and FF kills the sense of having MSIE7 :D

  2. My first experience with IE7 was bad. It took 2 tries to start it up at all, and even when it did it immediately crashed due to a coding error in Needless to say, I went straight back to my comfortable old Firefox (and Opera and Konqueror and Safari and Flock…and anything but IE!)

  3. I work for a web design company. Testing web sites in all major browsers is pretty much a requirement.

    Unfortunately, MSIE 6 + Firefox/Opera is not enough. There are some differences between MSIE6 and MSIE7 rendering which are not shown in Firefox/Opera.

  4. Leonid,
    Yep, rendering differs from 6th and 7th versions, but in my opinion, having layout styles (i.e. CSS etc) well-coded in IE6 will be good in IE7.

  5. Well, I’m dealing with these little ‘surprises’ for a while now! You can’t imagine how frustrated you can get for trying to make IE 6 to obey the rules! Especially in CSS!
    Anywho, Leonid, there’s a way to run IE6 and IE7 together on the same machine. There’s a standalone version of IE7 that lucks of some minimum functionality but it helps ! If your guys want to test it out check . This way they won’t bother using your linux machine. Leave that for more important tasks :P

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