My new Gmail

Finally, my prayers have been heard and my Gmail account was upgraded to the newer version.  It is as sweet as was promised.  Message pre-loading makes sorting through mail in morning extremely fast.  New contact manager is indeed much better than the old, dare I say, address book.   It still misses a few things, like fields for URLs.

Now I’m waiting for all those Firefox extensions and Greasemonkey scripts that I use to beautify and customize Gmail to get updated and work with the new version.

3 thoughts on “My new Gmail”

  1. I just got upgraded the other day too. But I didn’t notice much speed increase, as my Firefox runs sloooooww. Probably due to the myriad of extensions.

    And somehow my contact manager won’t show up. I was looking forward to the new features, but something seems to have gone wrong here. Oh well, best of luck with your new Gmail. :)



  2. David,

    sorry to hear that.

    My Firefox runs slow too – I’m having plenty of extensions myself. But the difference in message opening is huge. Also, I have this feeling that Firefox is a bit faster since the upgrade of GMail – maybe because of JavaScript changes that they did, or maybe because of something else… too early to say.

    The contact manager works OK, although I caught it twice not being able to save data – I think maybe the server was busy or something. I went through a lot of contacts though, and couldn’t save only two, which is sort of not bad, but not as good as Google can deliver. :)

    I’ll need more time to play with this new thing and see how it behaves, but for now I’m really happy for the message pre-fetching. It makes A LOT OF difference for me.

    Hope they’ll fix it up for you too. :)

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