Day in brief – 2011-11-08

  • One of the billion things that I didn't know about, neat feature. Flickr Photo Session #
  • I missed my blog's birthday again. It's 10 years old now. Check the archives :) #
  • #Fedora 16 release day! Torrent is already available if you know how to manipulate your URLs. :) #
  • #MW3 is "In Stock" at #Amazon Ordering now, together with Battlefield 3. I will finally compare them side by side. :) #
  • Google+ is available for Cyprus on Android Market. Go grab it! #
  • Jobs@FXCC page is live now #
  • I think the lack of jobs is a myth. Every single company I've worked for my entire life was hiring throughout the whole period I was there. #
  • @timdetone Not that I recommend it with all the enthusiasm, but if you have nowhere else to go … :) #
  • #Fedora 16 torrents are officially published! #

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