Project 365 : Status update

One year ago I re-started Project 365.  I was supposed to take at least one picture every day and post it to my Flickr photostream.  I have to say that I failed miserably.  365 days later I only have 91 images to show.  In my defense, they weren’t all taken on a single day, but rather scattered over the last year.

Looking at all those images in one place gives me a lot to think about, and shows clearly how I spent the year.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Participated in Maxim’s potty training.
  • Took a lot of walks with Maxim – mostly in the Municipal park and at Molos promenade.
  • Quit my job and gave my own business a try.
  • Had an excellent New Year’s vacation in the mountains.
  • Sent Maxim to the kindergarten.
  • Got deeper into web design and development.
  • Celebrated a lot of dates – birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, etc.
  • Participated in the first ever Flickr meet-up in Cyprus.
  • Got myself another job (my own business failed miserably).
  • Traveled to Greece for first ever Greek Blogger Camp.
  • Met a whole lot of interesting people.
  • Re-united with some really old friends.
  • Got a pet.

Of course, if I was involved a bit more with the project, there would have been more pictures, showing other important milestones (such as me getting back to the gym, for example).  But I am satisfied even as things are – it appears that I am living an active and exciting life – something not so obvious without looking at those pictures…

The project is not over.  The goal was to get 365 photos, not to survive another year.  I guess, I’ll have to speed up the project a bit, as it will take me another three years to complete it at this rate.

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