Moved, despite the earthquake

The move (that I warned you about) to a new hosting facility is done. There are still some bits and pieces that need to be fixed, but all the main components are done now. If you notice any glitches, please, let me know.

While I was copying the data and configuring the new server, there was an earthquake here in Cyprus. According to European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), it measured 4.7 on Richter scale. The center of the earthquake was about 8 kilometers away from Agia Napa. Here is the map for the EMSC website (click here for the larger version):

Earthquake map

Sitting on the 5th floor (which is actually 6th floor, I guess), I could feel the earthquake very very well. And, although, earthquakes of this magnitude rarely cause any damage, feeling them is something I can live without.

5 thoughts on “Moved, despite the earthquake”

  1. We felt it too – it woke my husband up and I dreamed about it. We spoke to several people locally who also felt it. I guess it was a bit stronger here if the epicentre was Agia Napa.

    Working at 4.30am, huh? Not for me!

  2. Hi Sue,

    Yeah, you were much closer to the epicenter of it. If you care enough for it, you can provide some feedback information to the EMSC by filling up this form.

    Yes, I was at work. I love the night shifts – they are quiet and during my peak producitivity time. :)

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