Editing image EXIF comments in KDE

It turns out that viewing EXIF data and editing image comments is a breeze using KDE’s file manager Konqueror. All you need to do is right-click on the image and select Properties from context menu. Meta Info tab will contain all EXIF data from the image. You will also notice that you can change the content of the Comment area. Type in your comment and press OK button. Presto! Your input was saved as EXIF data inside the image.

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  1. for those of you who really like KDE I would like to mention that there was a release of KDE 3.3.1 which is a kind of bugfix for the 3.3.0 version. This time KDE has posted binaries for Fedora Core II with all the rest (it was hard to get ones for 3.3.0). I have already installed one and endeed I saw some changes in terms of stability. 3.3.1 is really nice and I strongly recommed everyone to try set it up.

  2. [1] I haven’t seen any crashes with KDE 3.2.0 (the one that came with Fedore Linux Core 2). 3.3.1 though will hopefully make it into Fedora Linux Core 3 which will be released in the nearest future.

  3. I agree that 3.2.0 is a stable one, but I always like to see something new and test it so that was the point of installing 3.3.0 (although it was a bit complicated since I had to search for the packages and there were some dependencies problems). After installing it I realized that the attempt to make KDE even more better was great, but some bugs were just in there.

    If you remember – I told you about Umbrella that were crashing all the time in 3.3.0 – it is very stable in 3.3.1 and there are around 10 points in KDE changelog telling about Umbrella and improovements made to make it more stable. And there are more line in the changelog about other parts of KDE (ofcourse including Konqueror which you were talking about in the begginning).

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