Slow down, down, down, down time

Yesterday this blog, and a few others which are still hosted on my home machine, got a bit slowed down. The reason for this was a link from one of very popular LiveJournal users to a page on my server (I won’t give you the URL now) with a lot of images. Here is the network graph where you can see all the line hitting the top of my capacity and staying up there for a few hours.

Network graph

Limited capacity and abuse of my ISP are among the reasons of my move to a real, commercial hosting.

And this brings me to my next point. There possibly will be a disruption of service from this blog as it will be migrated to a new host during the weekend. After the move things should be somewhat faster for all of you, but it will cost me some downtime to do the migration.

I’ll write a new post when everything will be done. Thank you for patience.

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