Flowers on the road

Flowers on the road

With every day summer feels closer. It gets hotter and trees drop their blooming. Sometimes, these flowers work with environment to create really amazing pictures. Today I saw one of them. There were a bunch of treese with purple, magenta, and blue flowers along the road. When the colors hit the ground, they combined nicely with the yellow “Don’t park, don’t stop” lines of the road and the edge of the pedestrian area.

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-05-27_POTD

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  1. Leonid, I really like this photo, it reminds me of the kind of photos I have taken, and would even now continue to take, if I had time to leave home and shop for a digital camera, but, being a bizarre stamp selecting shut in with an analog camera, I don’t take any photos that I could put up on the web.


    Good job.

  2. Oh, and I’m putting your blog URL up on my new post of today, if I can stay awake 27 hours straight to post it:

    Blog Taglines Experiment

    I vote for your tagline as the best, with “Where men can link, but they can’t touch” as 2nd best.


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