How to switch the go-around-desktops thingy in KDE

KDE is an excellent desktop with reasonable defaults. One of the defaults does not work for me though. It annoys me beyond limits that switching desktops wraps around. That is when I am at the left-most desktop and I press Ctrl+Left arrow, which is my key for switching one dekstop to the left, I find myself at the right-most desktop. With this behaviour I am getting lost pretty often and have to use the pager, which means that I have to take my eyes off that thing that I am currently doing and break my concentration.

But there is nothing to worry about. KDE can be very flexibly configured using several methods. Switching off mad desktop navigation is as easy as clicking a couple of times in kcontrol. The needed option is in Desktop » Window Behavior » Desktop navigation wraps around.

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  1. I have an external taskbar, because without one, the main panel gets too cluttered. What I can’t change is that if I switch to another desktop, the external taskbar looks the same and has the same tasks listed. In Gnome I have a nice, empty taskbar–which is what I want. Am I not seeing how I can get KDE to do this?

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