Daily tweets

  • I had a full 9 hour sleep. Wow. It’s the first or the second time this year… #
  • My Gmail space usage indicator stays firmly on 50%. 1433 MB out of 2857 MB. #
  • I love Gmail’s idea of growing space.If it was unlimited from the beginning, it wouldn’t be so much fun. #
  • I don’t want to read more feeds than I am already doing. Why can’t I resist the urge to subscribe then? I’m an RSS addict. #
  • With Twitter digests on my blog I can have comments (and visits) from people who don’t use Twitter. Nice. #
  • The amount of comments I get on this site once again shows why threaded comments plugin is useless for an average blog. Not enough comments. #
  • The more ways we have to communicate, the better. Even if we don’t spend enough time communicating. #
  • i see clouds.i wonder if they are somehow connected with my yesterday’s carwash. #
  • reminder to myself: blog about the librarian #
  • @atw26: I see some heavy rainy clouds over Troodos mountains from my office windows right now. #
  • Twitter now makes username into a link, if @ is prepended. Cool. #
  • Perl could have been a really ugly language and nobody would notice, if CPAN was still there. #
  • My debit card is tied to 2-day notice account. I ALWAYS forget about it. Trying to make a purchase right after money transfer… #
  • I am the first guy to ask for printout, when others say “nevermind, it was done electronically”. I don’t trust it enough to just work… #
  • Some people trust the technology because they don’t know how it works.Others – because they do. I’m among the latter ones. #
  • When I’m Twittering too much, does it look like I have nobody to talk to? :) #
  • @alex_mamchenkov: yes. not in sms or im, but on the web. #
  • @alex_mamchenkov: oh.. that was about me talking, and not about username links.. :) #

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