Party hard!

Those of us who are of legal drinking age know how to tell a good party from the bad one – if you passed out and can’t remember most of the evening, then you must have had a really good time.  If you were home in time for evening news – you don’t know how to party.  All that is no news.  But, how do you figure out if a kid’s party was any good?  After all the youngsters won’t drink or pass out.  Well, here is one way to measure the fun.  Just count how many bones were broken?  Bonus points for having more than one per limb.

Maxim hand cast

Here’s Maxim with two broken bones in his left hand after a birthday party he attended on Sunday.  From what I hear, it was tonnes of fun.

Nobody knows how exactly that happened – it was in the midst of the usual kids’ fun at the playground, with lots of running, rolling, jumping, and so forth.  One person told me that this was during a reenactment of the TV show featured on the Discover channel a couple of days earlier, where horse were refusing to jump over obstacles, making the people riding them fall in spectacular manner.  For all those “don’t try it at home” warnings, I think, they’ve missed one on this show…

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